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Anonymous said...

assalamo alaikum ukthi
jazakallah for your efforts but these link dont seem to open up upon clicking.help plz.

Umm Ahmad said...


jazakillah for the feedback, but i am still in the process of making the curriculum. I will start uploading soon insha Allaah. the links are not opening because they are not (yet) linked to anything :)

sorry for the inconvenience. I hope you will check back again or follow the blog to stay updated.


Anonymous said...

Im in second year of the aalima course and im studying zad ut taalibeen, these notes would be useful, but the links are still un available...

Homeschool 4 Muslims said...


jazakillah anonymous for dropping by but please not that this site has nothing to do with the book Zaadut talibeen. it is a name i have choosen for my own islamic homeschooling curriculum.


Umm Maryam said...

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

May Allah bless you for your enormous efforts. I was wondering if you could kindly let us know when these links would be available?

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

It seems these links still cannot be opened.It is a great effort and very much needed for our muslim children today.However following since 2011 i see there are problems with the links.

or per haps I am doing something incorrect.

also cannot find an index page / content page listing all topics etc



Homeschool 4 Muslims said...


jzk for stopping by but the links are not opening because they are still unavailable. i am a homeschooling mother myself and although i have undertaken this task, i hardly ever get the time to devote to this project, hence it had been idle since 2011. i do hope to get back to it someday insha Allaah, but till then consider this project as idle.