Preschool week 1

Week 1

Context: Who is my Lord?/Who is Allaah?

Notes: This unit is based on Talibideenjr's preschool curriculum outline. Further inspiration was taken from Umm Maimoonah's preschool curriculum.

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Anonymous said...

As Salamu 'Alaika wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.

MASHA ALLAH! May Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala make ease on you as you complete this project, may He bless you abundantly for the help this gives to many many many children, and May Allah increase you in wisdom. Ameen.

This is wonderful and insha Allah I will utilize this. Your site and now this curriculum is helping me as I am compiling a solid programming for myself and the children in my life.

May Allah Bless you sister. Ameen

--My warmest regards,
Sister Shahada

umm Zayd 'n Zubayr said...

Assalamuaikum wa Rahmaullahi wa Barakatuhu

A very detailed work sister, Masha Allah Tabarak Allah. May Allah make easy your affairs - aameen. you've made my work lighter and achieving my aspirations easy for me insha Allah.

I just wanted to know if you have a general outline of the lessons you are going to put up, something like an index of the lessons/concepts , I hope you understand what I mean. Jazaak Allah khair katheeran for all your efforts.

Homeschool 4 Muslims said...

Walaikumussalam sister Shahada

Jazakillah sister for such a warm feedback, may Allaah accept this and may Allaah accept everyones efforts aamin.


Homeschool 4 Muslims said...

Walaikumussalam sister Umm Zayd and Zubair

Jazakillah for the duaas and may Allaah grant me the taufiq to finish this project, insha Allaah.

I am working on the outline created by dear sister umm Ibraheem at Talibiddeen Jr. I am also taking inspiration from sister Umm Maimoonah who developed the said outline into a curriculum for her daughter. I am just adding a thing here and there and adopting the curriculum to include more of the digital media and 21st century learning styles, as I think that our children should be competent in using all sorts of technology in this time. But I will also add crafts etc so as to make it appealing to all sorts of learners, insha Allaah. You can find the links to both sisters' sites in this post. I am also going to add a few more topics to the original outline. Once I have finished uploading a few more units, I will put together an index sort of thing to make it easier for the users insha Allaah.
Please note that this project will take a lot of time for me to complete, because as a homeschooling mother and a student myself, my time is very tightly scheduled. But Insha Allaah I will keep working on this project, bi ithnillaah!

Request for duaas


Bintelislam said...

Jazak allah khair look soooo nice !! My son is just two and a half and dont know where to start .. I will be following ur blog for sure !! May allah help me and guide me to the best to please him :)

Homeschool 4 Muslims said...

Bintelislam jazakillah for the encouragment, indeed the positive feedback motivates me in doing this work.
May Allaah swt make it easy for you to educate yor children and may He accepts our efforts, aameeen


Ngiland Joof said...

Asalamu alaikum,

I am just coming across your curriculum and just wanted to say Jazakilahu khairan to you and the other sister who helped in the project. This is so beneficial for the Ummah may Allah Bless you and your families for the effort you have given to make our lives easier. X